A difficult mourning… Saturday, May 18, 2002, Michel Fugain lost his daughter, Laurette. A year after being diagnosed with leukemia, she died of complications during a bone marrow transplant at the age of 22. Twenty years after his disappearance, the singer has agreed to discuss his mourning and the way he managed to get up. In an interview with Soir Mag, he said: “This job saved my life. There is this proverb that says ‘The show must go on’. I always have it somewhere in my head. When my daughter died, left us, flew away, I was on stage less than a week later. And there, you have to sing ‘C’est la fête’ because people are waiting for her. This n It’s not easy. It requires forgetting yourself, at least for a while.” His love affair with Sanda also helped him. In the program En aparté, on Canal +, he had indicated: “What saved me, my stroke of luck and my unexpected luck, was that two months later, I met the being who became the most important of my life, apart from my children of course. It’s Sanda, a sun who entered my life and who gave me back my smile and my taste for life.”

For Gala, Michel Fugain had already confided: “What we experienced was an earthquake (…) But time has done what it had to do. momentarily let go. Although I didn’t really experience it like that… Let’s say we did what we could.” He then added: “Dying, Laurette taught us to live. What we owe a 22-year-old kid who couldn’t live is to live.” On Wednesday May 18, 2022, also for Gala, her other daughter, Marie Fugain, had declared speaking of her father, who left her mother shortly after Laurette’s death: “She was really tired, her body couldn’t take it anymore. I found out afterwards that she had asked the nurses questions. She had asked them if it was difficult to end it, if she could be helped. She would never have told us about it because she knew that we didn’t talk about it in the family.”

Stéphanie Fugain: ‘It’s impossible not to think of a child we’ve lost’

Sunday October 30, 2022, in the program Chez Jordan for Télé-Loisirs, the ex-wife of the singer had declared: “It is impossible not to think of a child that we have lost. It fills my head and my heart (…) I don’t know a family, or parents who aren’t devastated when they lose a child After the most difficult thing is to bounce back, it’s to move forward and it’s also to protect the other children, the brothers and sisters who always live a little behind because it is difficult to be everywhere.” With emotion, Stéphanie Fugain added: “When you lose a child, there comes a time when you rebuild a life with memories. I live permanently in the presence of objects that belonged to Laurette. I needed them , a lot. When you lose a child, you say to yourself that you will no longer smell his perfume, that you will no longer smell his scent. So I won’t hide from you that I have his perfume lying around my house. “

"When my daughter died...": the rare confidences of Michel Fugain on the death of Laurette

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