When Kate Middleton picks up Prince William about their daughter Charlotte on a visit

Have the Cambridge children recently found a calling? Back to work for several days, Kate Middleton and Prince William visited the London Bridge JobCentre on Tuesday, September 15, a structure that helps workers find jobs during the Covid-19 pandemic. Among the recruiters, they spoke with Lloyd Graham, who runs a demolition company. And it turns out that this is the new passion of the Cambridge children.

“The children, in particular Louis, would love to come to see that, to see the diggers, they love that”, thus launched the prince William to the head of company, reports People. A little confidence, which was taken up almost immediately by his wife Kate Middleton. “Don’t forget Charlotte! She would love that too,” she said. The Cambridge children therefore seem to have a common passion for demolition work, but also, the noisy machines used for this purpose. This does not change them too much from the passions of Prince George, who for his part is obsessed with tractors.

Prince William relieved by back to school

At each of their official outings, Prince William and Kate Middleton never fail to talk about their three children, George, Charlotte and Louis, by sharing their whims, their favorite activities, or their daily life during confinement. However, if they are very close to their children, they were not unhappy that they were returning to school on September 7th. Especially the Duke of Cambridge. “I think that for all parents, going back to school is a real breath of fresh air. Five months is wonderful, but it has been five long months,” he said during a visit to Belfast.

Prince William and Kate Middleton © Agency

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