Since the start of her pregnancy, the future mother has chosen transparency… On May 1, 2022, Shanna Kress and Jonathan Matijas announced that they were expecting twins! If the couple was on a little cloud, they learned a few weeks later that one of the two babies had trisomy 21. After crying a lot, the young woman and her companion then made the decision to keep only a child, before leaving to recharge his batteries in Spain. While some Internet users believe that Shanna Kress moved on too quickly to something else, it was on Instagram that she confided: “Some people tell me that I found my smile back too quickly! I never lost it, for yes, it is true that we lost a little being and that we lived through something very hard to take. What should I do? Stay at home crying and moping?!”

In complete transparency, the young woman said: “I have to be strong and stay positive! We are going to start our family! All the negative energy, all that I feel today our child feels it too. So we have to move on and smile! ” To conclude her message, Shanna Kress added: “Of course I think of all that has happened! And what is still happening inside my body, my belly every day! Every day! mornings! All the time. How not to think about it!!!!! I live with this pain every day! But… We are positive! We have to! I sing again, I smile, I laugh, I enjoy every moment and I accept the situation despite the negative because I have to!!!! Accepting a situation does not mean forgetting it, but just moving forward.”

Shanna Kress: “Yeah, we’ll smile”

The day before, in story, the ex-star of Marseille had already addressed the people who criticized her. Shocked, she wrote: “For all the people who send us negative or mean messages because we are trying to get a life back, sorry to disappoint you, but we will have to move on. That does not prevent the ‘we’ll always think about everything we’ve been through, but we have to move on. So yes, I’m going back to music, yes we’re going to travel, yes we’re going to smile.” In mourning, Shanna Kress had added: “Yes, Christopher will always be in our hearts and believe me that I think about it every day, because he is with us!”

Shanna Kress © Instagram


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