Barbara Pravi is in mourning. On Saturday April 2, 2022, the singer announced that her grandmother had died of illness. She was battling Alzheimer’s disease. On her Instagram account, the young woman wanted to pay her a tender tribute. She also shared photos with her grandmother when the two women could still have discussions before the disease took over. “I think that was the last time I was able to speak to you a little ‘normally’. I had just released my very first record, you had cried a lot, you had taken my head and stuck my forehead against yours in saying ‘thank you, thank you, thank you.’ […] That was five years ago. Since then I’ve done a lot of things Grandma, a lot of things that I’ve never been able to tell you because you didn’t understand already more”, wrote Barbara Pravi with a heavy heart.

At the same time, if Barbara Pravi was very sad to have to say goodbye to her grandmother, she assured that she was relieved to know that she was finally at peace. Only, she is disappointed that she did not have time to see who she had become just like her sister. “You would have loved to know the women we have become with my sister. You would have loved it because we are free, we do the jobs we love and we don’t let ourselves be walked on. Like you. May God keep me from your sickness.”

Barbara Pravi wishes her grandmother had seen the woman she has become

The young singer also gave a cry from the heart against this disease which takes away the memories and the memory of the people who are affected by it. “What Alzheimer’s shit. I’m glad you’re gone, you’re obviously better where you are, Clémence told me that you were smiling. I’m sure you have your whole head again”, wrote Barbara again Pravi.

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