Ros Atkins waited too long… Aged 43, this former school principal was enjoying a vacation in Scotland with her husband and their daughter when her life changed. At the time, she suffered from severe pain on the right side of her back. Ros Atkins then thought it was a pulled muscle, but the diagnosis was much worse. On returning home, this forty-something therefore made an appointment with a doctor, worried about the pain which was getting worse. The professional, who thought she was the victim of an embolism, immediately sent her to the hospital. On the spot, the doctors discovered a dark mass on the liver of Ros Atkins before finding cancerous cells.

The former headmistress was then sent to St Helens Hospital, where she was diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer. Doctors told him that secondary cancer cells had also spread to his liver and lymph nodes and that he only had 18 months to five years left to live. Despite chemotherapy, Ros Atkins died at the age of 43 on October 3, surrounded by her friends and family. A few days earlier, she had developed sepsis which was fatal to her. Since then, tributes have poured in for this “incredible” director: “She was a totally incredible woman. I was so lucky to know her and to have my children welcomed with open arms into her school structure”.

Her husband started a fundraiser

“I met this lovely lady once when I visited the school as a new teacher. She was so bubbly and friendly and had so much love for the job, she made a very good impression on me and I never forgot his smile. What a huge loss to education. Love to his family and friends at such a sad time,” one woman responded. In an effort to thank the staff for all their support, her husband John Atkins organized a fundraiser. “All staff members have provided comfort, humor and many cups of tea to myself, my friends and family. The support given to Ros and all of our friends has been immense and will continue, “Having seen the support given to others, especially children, we would like all gestures of support for Ros, Maggie and me to be directed here.”

What she thinks was a strain during her vacation will cost her her life

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