Wellness evening: the musts for soft skin

A well-being evening aims to pamper the skin and boost morale. To begin with, the cleaning step is essential. It allows you to get rid of harmful elements accumulated during the day.

For the skin of the body, start by eliminating impurities by applying a Giphar shower oil. This lipid-replenishing cleanser is enriched with vegetable glycerin. In addition to removing dirt, it nourishes and softens your skin. Due to its composition, this formula is suitable for very dry skin with atopic tendency. It is also hypoallergenic and unscented.

During your wellness evening, also remember to exfoliate your skin so that the skin cells are renewed properly and your complexion is illuminated. To do this, a gentle body scrub from Giphar laboratories is recommended. This treatment combines the beneficial properties of shea butter and murumuru butter. It also contains orange blossom hydrosol and orchid extract. These ingredients help nourish, soothe, protect and delicately scent your skin. The grains contained in this scrub consist of pumice stone and cranberry butter.

Hydration is a crucial step to complete your skin care. As your beauty moment takes place in the evening, a moisturizing and nourishing Giphar night cream is recommended. Suitable for atopic-prone skin, this treatment contains virtuous active ingredients such as rice proteins, hyaluronic acid, beeswax, jojoba oil, vegetable glycerin or vitamin E.

Wellness Night: Essentials for Healthy Hair

Beauty also goes through a dreamy mane. To have beautiful hair, opt for the Coco & Eve Essentials hydration kit. This box is composed of three hair care products formulated to help you find soft and silky hair. The first treatment is the Purifying Cleansing Scrub. This formula aims to strengthen the hair follicles. It sets up the perfect environment to stimulate hair regrowth. The kit also includes a repairing and illuminating mask enriched with coconut and fig. To perfect the care, apply the miracle elixir which is a versatile hair oil. Indeed, it revitalizes the hair, restores its color and gives it shine. These treatments are sulfate-free, vegan, Cruelty Free and Toxin Free stamped.

Well-being evening: and the decor?

A wellness evening would not be relaxing without the right atmosphere. To kill two birds with one stone, articulate your decoration around the Christmas holidays and its warm atmosphere. Adopt the Charroux candle – Christmas market scent which is ideal for bringing a relaxing touch. This artisanal candle gives off a spicy and amber scent mixing cinnamon, almond and clove. Want an inspiring decoration? Treat yourself to The Chinese Decoration Guide. You will find advice there to set up a country, seventies, Scandinavian, ethnic, industrial or color pop decoration.

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