This Thursday, December 8, 2022, Celine Dion announced sad news to her fans. The famous Quebec singer has revealed that she suffers from stiff-person syndrome, an extremely neurological disorder. As proof, it affects about one person in a million. According to Orphanet, the portal dedicated to rare diseases and orphan drugs, this pathology is characterized by progressive and fluctuating rigidity as well as painful muscle spasms. These spasms usually occur randomly but can be triggered by noise or physical contact.

Stiff-man syndrome can quickly become debilitating if left untreated. “People with SHR are sometimes too disabled to walk or move around. They are afraid to leave their homes because street noises, such as the sound of a car horn, can trigger spasms and falls,” says the Institute. National American Neurological Disorders. Ailments mentioned by Céline Dion: “These spasms affect my everyday life on several levels. I sometimes have a lot of trouble walking and I have trouble using my vocal cords to sing as I would like.”

No Treatment to Cure Stiff-Man Syndrome

If the cause of this syndrome is still unknown, scientists assume that it is an autoimmune disease. The diagnosis is essentially based on clinical observation and the search for antacid glutamic decarboxylase (GAD) antibodies in the blood. For now, there is no treatment to cure the disease. However, certain medications can control symptoms. There are also other approaches such as stretching, acupuncture, aquatherapy, thermotherapy or massage therapy. For her part, Celine Dion is “hopeful to be on the right track” to regain her health.

What is stiff man syndrome, this rare disorder that Celine Dion suffers from


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