An extraordinary anecdote. Present on the set of the France 2 show We are live this Saturday, January 8 to promote his next film, Ouistreham, directed by Emmanuel Carrère, Juliette Binoche recounted her surprising meeting with the American star Harrison Ford. The story dates back to the early 1990s. While she had just passed an audition to play in the film Sabrina, the French actress had apparently caught the eye of one well known for having interpreted prestigious roles in Star Wars and Indiana Jones: Harrison Ford.

If she was not selected for the role, Juliette Binoche still retains a very unusual memory of this moment in her life. “Harrison Ford knocked me under the table! Finally, I luckily told myself I wasn’t taken.” If the charms of the American actor did not therefore have the slightest effect on the pretty fiftieth birthday, this anecdote will have made people laugh on the set of France 2. “Well there, balance your Harrison Ford!”, Exclaimed Laurent Ruquier.

Juliette Binoche: “These are things that happen”

After a general laughter, Juliette Binoche continued her story: “These are things that happen, but I don’t think it was done on purpose”. After this unusual moment on television, the actress returned to serious matters by discussing at length her next role in Ouistreham, which will be released in theaters this Wednesday, January 22. The story tells the life of a writer who decides to work as a cleaner on the ferries between Portsmouth and Ouistreham. A feature film that will be worth the detour.

Juliette Binoche © BALDINI

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