Diana Blois has decided to take the next step. The mother of the family known to be part of Large families, life in XXL, spoke in a story from her Instagram account, Monday July 4, 2022, to confide in one of her complexes. It’s about his smile. After suffering from it for a long time, she decided to do something about it. “I told you about a dental project, I had an appointment and it’s good it was validated”, she rejoiced before explaining what really complexed her. “In this case, it’s my upper teeth that are advanced compared to the lower ones, it’s something that has always been a complex. In any case, I try to live with it but it’s not always easy, I have a little trouble seeing myself in a photo or on video. It’s a bit complicated, then there are some teasing that drive the point home a little bit.”

Thus, to take full responsibility and no longer feel embarrassed by her smile, the mother of the family decided to take the plunge and, first of all, went to consult a dentist to find out what could be done. After a complete check-up, his file was sent to a smile specialist. “He will see if there is a possibility for me to have aligners, which would make it possible to move the upper teeth back a little and make them return to their initial place”, she further explained.

Diana Blois will be able to have a star smile

And as she hoped, she will be able to find receive these famous aligners. “I’m very very happy with it, I’ve seen what it looks like, it’s something transparent that I’m going to have to keep in my mouth for at least 22 hours a day but apparently it’s really very discreet. I can’t wait. We’re going on a four-month treatment,” she said.

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