New year, new projects ! Pippa Middleton and James Matthews, who bought a Berkshire mansion for £15million last July, intend to make some changes to the 32-room, 150-hectare property . In speaking with the couple’s real estate agent, the Daily Mail learned that the youngest of Kate Middleton wanted to demolish the huge winter garden that the former owner used as a vegetable garden. Instead, Arthur’s parents Grace and Rose want to build a swimming pool “the same size as those at the two local leisure centers in the Royal County of Berkshire”. And that’s not all ! Next to the swimming pool, the couple want to dig the lawn to install a tennis court there which will be fitted out with a fake lawn “to allow safe playing conditions all year round”. As for the building that served as a garden shed in the days of the former vegetable garden, it will be transformed into a changing room to complete this leisure base project. An ambitious project that will require Pippa Middleton and James Matthews a building permit, since as the Daily Mail article indicates, the property is located near an ancient forest, in an area “of exceptional natural beauty. ” According to Richard Eden, the author of the editorial, there was already a swimming pool on the ground, but the latter, built more than 20 years ago, was “much smaller” than desired by Pippa Middleton.

Pippa Middleton: already owns a house in West London

It is not known for the moment if this house will become the principal residence of the couple, already owner of a vast mansion located in the district of Chelsea, in London, and estimated at approximately 19 million euros. The residence, which has also undergone numerous works over the years, notably houses six bedrooms, a cinema in the basement, a gym and a room reserved for staff.

Wealthy Pippa Middleton: her incredible and luxurious project for her second home

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