He had reached the final of season 3 of Star Academy. The Franco-Polish singer Michal, who has just released a single L’Amour de mon père, confided without filter in the columns of Public this Friday, July 1, not hesitating to reveal intimate details of his love life.

The 38-year-old singer notably poured out his divorce from journalist Maxime Assenza, which occurred in 2019, after five years of living together and two years of marriage. And in love, his motto is no hard feelings! “I have a lot of respect for my exes because they let me know what I want,” he told Public.

Michal: his carnal crush with Bixente

Especially since a year later, the one who bowed to Élodie Frégé found great love in the arms of a certain Bixente, an opera singer. “We met the week of deconfinement, during an aperitif with a friend”, he revealed. And when asked what made him crack at home, Michal plays it without filter: “We exchanged, we made love… and I fell in love!”

A carnal encounter that turned into a beautiful love story. With Bixente, it’s attention every day. “He asked me one evening to show him all the Star Ac videos,” admits Michal. But for the moment, no question of having the ring ironed on your finger. The interpreter of Come to me wants to take his time! “We do not feel the need […] We each live at home, but we sleep together as much as possible”, he reports to Public. And the children will have to wait too. Converted into a singing teacher, Michal admits preferring to focus on his career and his audience, which he missed so much.

Michal and his new companion, Bixente © Instagram


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