This Friday, February 10, 2023, Faustine Bollaert devoted a special issue of It starts today to cyberbullying, a devastating social phenomenon that has been making headlines in the press for several years. The presenter received Hoshi on this occasion, the victim of hate messages after kissing a woman on the mouth on the Victoires de la Musique set three years ago. If she claims to get out of it little by little, the singer says she still has “a little head above water”. The 26-year-old young woman has not forgotten the thousands of hate messages from her stalkers.

“How do you live under such pressure?” asks Faustine Bollaert. “We don’t live anymore. I haven’t been out alone for three years,” says Hoshi. The singer would not even find the strength to walk around putting on a hood to preserve her anonymity. The pain is also that caused by recurrent attacks aggravated by stress during a three-year descent into hell: “It makes me dizzy […] I lost 50% of my hearing now. So I’m hard of hearing.” Hearing loss attributable to Ménière’s disease from which the artist suffers, who has also lost more than ten kilos. “I no longer ate too much, I was really not well […] I think that the stress made me lose weight and the Ménière crises too”, tries to explain Hoshi.

This appointment that awaits soon Hoshi

A month after the surge of hate messages, Hoshi decided to file a complaint for “harassment in a pack”. Then began a work of investigation delegated to his companion to identify the IP addresses of his harassers. Three years later, only one person will confront her during a court date set for next June. “About fifteen [other people] were heard. Many minors,” says Hoshi. Has the singer ever considered giving up? “It was neither easy for my label, nor for my family. I no longer wanted to live.” Despite these traumas, Hoshi made the choice to get out of it alone, without any psychological follow-up. A daily fight to come back on stage and practice his passion.

"We no longer live": victim of harassment, Hoshi reveals that he is hard of hearing and suffers from Ménière's disease

Hoshi © RR

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