It was time for confidence and emotion for Michèle Bernier. Monday May 9, 2022, in the program “En aparté” broadcast on Canal +, the actress confided in her private life and in particular on the way in which she manages her grief since the suicide of her mother. “We suffer grief. I think you have to stay alive for those you love. I am an abortion survivor. I owe my parents my life. You have to hold on and be there, I have children. We must move forward, stay the course, love, laugh…. have hope otherwise we stop everything.” she explained.

As a reminder, his mother Odile Vaudelle committed suicide in 1985 on the day of the Fête de la Musique. A tragic disappearance for Michèle Bernier who then relied on her father until his death in 2005. “The hospital psychologist said: ‘You are going through both bereavements at the same time so it’s normal. ‘ I couldn’t anymore (…) It was unbearable, unbearable, too hard. I was young, I didn’t understand, I didn’t want to and then when dad left, it was as if I had been removed two arms. I had a little pain in one arm and they took everything away from me. It was hard, it was very, very hard”, she had also confided in an interview.

Michèle Bernier: this little family detail that she would have liked to have

Only child, Michèle Bernier would have loved to have brothers and sisters. “This loneliness weighed on me a lot. My parents worked like crazy, they came home late and it was complicated for me to be alone.” she concluded in “As an aside”. Having gone to boarding school, this period of her life helped her a lot to build herself up.

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