Roger, an octogenarian who had participated in the show It starts today, is dead. It was his grandson, Gary Mihaileanu, who regularly published Tik Toks with his grandparents, who announced the sad news on Instagram. He wrote a long message to show him his love: “I am happy that we were able to put words to our love, that we had the time to say I love you, that we were able to discuss as much and especially to laugh. You know it grandpa I will never forget you“he wrote to pay tribute to him.

And if this disappearance is all the more sad, it is because Roger and his wife Liliane were stars on social networks. They had also marked the plateau of It starts today by telling their long love story, of more than 65 years. A beautiful moment that had moved the viewers of the program hosted by Faustine Bollaert.

It is with deep sadness that we learned of the disappearance of Roger, a man so loved.Roger & Liliane had been married for more than 65 years, an eternal love that they came to tell in 2019.Faustine and the whole team think infinitely of Liliane and her family.

— It starts today (@CaCommenceAuj) June 7, 2022

Faustine Bollaert and Amir pay tribute to Roger

After learning of Roger’s death, Faustine Bollaert wanted to pay tribute to him and inform viewers. On Instagram, Maxime Chattam’s wife shared a magnificent black and white photo of the octogenarian. She then wrote: “We loved Roger so much… I think infinitely of Liliane and the extraordinary couple they formed… And I send all my affection to their so big and beautiful family”.

For his part, the singer Amir also knew Roger. He had staged the retiree and his wife in his clip “You”. Faced with the news of his death, he shared footage from the recording of the clip and meeting him. “Rest in peace Roger. After 65 years of love, you are traveling, but alone this time… I will never forget the precious time that Liliane and you gave us to shoot this clip which illustrates love, the real . Courage my dear Liliane“he wrote. A beautiful tribute to the man who had marked by his kindness and his love.

Roger © Instagram @faustinebollaert

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