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We give him 6 months to live, he loses the job of his dreams and ends up almost homeless

A diagnosis without appeal. A few years ago, doctors assured Julian Fiano that he only had six months to live, at best a year. A few days earlier, they had detected an incurable brain tumor. When the deadline was announced, the young man had no other choice but to refuse the dream job that had just been offered to him, as The Mirror tells it. “In a week everything changed. It was intimidating, he recalls. I have always been fit and healthy. I have played football all my life and have never smoked. I drink. rarely.” Just days before his diagnosis, Julian Fiano had been offered the job of his dreams: coaching football in Manchester schools: “I had just been offered a very good job, it was a real career change. . I love children. You can change the lives of children with guidance and keep them from going down the wrong path. ”

“When you are told that you have six to twelve months to love, you don’t think of a career, continues Julian, who therefore turned down the job. You don’t think of the future, you think of the moment.” The young man immediately began an intense cycle of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, which forced him to quit his job altogether and apply for disability benefits. “I’ve been making money my whole life. Suddenly I was counting on benefits,” Julian tells The Mirror. “I know I’ve contributed to the system over the years, but I felt bad. C was weird. I just felt uncomfortable. ” At that time Julian was living with his brother and the change in his income meant that they risked being evicted from their accommodation. He was finally helped by a local association, which found him funding. “If I hadn’t paid the rent, I would have been in the street. It was a complicated situation,” he says.

He found work

“No one should be on the street, but being faced with chemotherapy and having to worry about where you sleep can cause a lot of anxiety, frustration and anger,” assured Julian, who describes himself as a “self-proclaimed warrior in terminal cancer” on his Facebook account. Julian is now undergoing a new type of chemotherapy and remains positive. He also lived well beyond the twelve months the doctors gave him. Before the start of the pandemic, Julian had even been able to find a part-time job, but he has had to protect himself in recent months. “At the moment, going back to work doesn’t seem possible,” explained the young man. “The main goal is to finish this chemo and see if there is any improvement. Financially, I cannot complain.”

Julian Fiano © Facebook

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