Thursday March 9, 2023, Danièle Gilbert was the guest of “Chez Jordan” on C8. As she celebrates her 80th birthday on March 20, the host spoke about her age without language. “I don’t feel them.” she said. Despite the passage of time, she has always kept smiling and this is indeed what allows her to keep in shape. Moreover, contrary to what many may think, Danièle Gilbert has never had recourse to cosmetic surgery. “Danièle look at me… We don’t believe it, it’s not possible.” Jordan de Luxe pointed out to him. “I didn’t do anything! You have to believe it. But no, I didn’t have small injections. You would have seen my mum at 89, I have more wrinkles than her.” then replied the main interested party.

Danièle Gilbert: her little secrets for staying in shape

Always coquettish, Danièle Gilbert then revealed the secret of her healthy weight. “At first it’s because I have a phobia of butter, fat, creams and lactose intolerance. I don’t have a sloping throat, I hate alcohol and then I don’t take the sun since I don’t tan. I don’t smoke. I give my body what it wants to accept,” she confided. According to her, despite her impeccable lifestyle, she “always had a complex about everything”. “I never watch myself on TV, in the newspapers (…) I was tall because at 11 I was this size.” confessed the widow. Despite everything, optimism remains its leitmotif. “Life has many gifts in store for me. I think I’m lucky. What matters most is that my family is well.” she concluded.

"We don't believe it": the reframing of Danièle Gilbert, accused of lying about cosmetic surgery

Danielle Gilbert © Capture C8

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