His trial opened on June 27, 2022. Jean-Marc Reiser is accused of having killed Sophie Le Tan in September 2018. The young woman’s body was discovered dismembered in a forest. For this second day of the trial, the ex-companions of the 61-year-old man came to testify to their daily life spent with him. And their revelations are chilling. According to an investigator, who interviewed these women, they describe a “violent” man. One of his mistresses explains that he “was very afraid” of Jean-Marc Reiser who would not have hesitated to unscrew the wheels of his car when the latter had told him that she wanted to leave him.

According to the statements of these women, the one who is accused of murder liked to make them feel his superiority. During their sexual relations, they claim that he was concerned only with his own pleasure. The investigator in question also reveals that the accused would have kicked him under the table during the interrogations: “He was comfortable during the interviews, to the point of seeking contact with my feet several times. He wanted to put me uncomfortable.” During this trial, the past of Jean-Marc Reiser is detailed. In particular, in 1997, when he was arrested with weapons, drugs, a balaclava and chilling photos: we can then see women with objects in their private parts. According to Jean-Marc Reiser, it was “staged in the sleep of one of his mistresses”. The president then asks him if the woman in question was consenting. He will answer “no”.

“There, I do not know how to escape, I am terrified”

On the afternoon of this second day of the trial, two women came to the stand. One was Jean-Marc Reiser’s companion in 1980, the other in 2018. Thus, the assessor read the statement made by the first: “Jean-Marc Reiser was someone unpredictable. I left secretly to leave him, but he harassed me in the car saying that he loved me. I don’t know if I was in love. In any case, in the end I hated him.” Apparently, the accused could be violent when a woman decided to leave him: “One day, I let him down. We were supposed to go to the swimming pool together. But he finds me, makes me get into his car. He drives on the highway, very quickly. There, I do not know how to escape, I am terrified. We arrive in a forest and he throws me to the ground, and kicks me in the stomach”, says one between them. The other woman also testifies to the violence of the man: “He hit me. I don’t know if he mastered the violence of his blows. I remember a slap that made me see double. I think he broke my nose.”

“We drove in the dark, I was really scared”

Subsequently, other women came to testify. When one of them asked him in the 90s to take her home, Jean-Marc Reiser once again showed his anger: “I saw that he didn’t like it at all. He was very angry. He drove like crazy, turned off the headlights. We drove in the dark, I was really scared. And I said to myself ‘I can’t continue to live with him being scared’. But he didn’t want to hear anything, I couldn’t stop him.” Asked about this, the accused replied: “I do not have a negative image of women. I have had resentments for some of them and inappropriate behavior during breakups. women who have never had to complain about me, you only hear those with whom they have something to say about me.”

Trial of Jean-Marc Reiser © ELYxandro Cegarra


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