Heartbreaking secrets… On December 25, 2016, George Michael died at the age of 53. Five and a half years after his tragic disappearance, his ex-companion, Kenny Goss revealed that the death of the singer had not been a shock. “We all expected him to die. I spent so much time when we lived together worrying about him. He honestly hated that I worried about him so much. What’s the line he says in one of his songs? He says, ‘I can see it in your eyes when you look at me that way, it tears me apart.’ That was exactly it. I didn’t know what to do,” he said with emotion. After specifying that he had more good times with the singer than moments to worry, Kenny Goss added: “He always said that I saved his life. I think that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I really tried.”

Reflecting on his history with George Michael, Kenny Goss revealed that he had to constantly reassure the singer about his appearance: “People thought he was aware of the fact that he was beautiful, that’s not true. I don’t I’ll never forget that story. We had been together for two weeks or maybe three. He came home and said, ‘Honey, what’s the best thing about me?’ He then said to me, ‘Someone said you were prettier than me.’ There are so many things I could have answered, I told him ‘your lips’, but I should have said ‘everything’.” During the interview, the star’s ex revealed, “He had this opinion that his mum and I were a lot alike. And in a lot of ways we were. I would say I’m a lot more of a guy. who plays by the rules and she was kind of the same way. I’m not judgmental at all either.”

“We all expected him to die.”George Michael’s ex partner Kenny Goss said he “spent so much time worrying about” the singer when they lived together.@piersmorgan | @TalkTV | #piersmorganuncensored pic.twitter.com/KNSUZnbQMz

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Kenny Goss: ‘I really tried to always be there for him’

For many years, George Michael struggled with his drug addiction. “I really tried to always be there for him and he knew it,” said Kenny Goss. Rare in the media, the latter spoke on the show Dallas Morning News in 2017. A year after the death of his ex-companion, he revealed: “We have just had a very good and sweet relationship. We weren’t even mad at each other or anything like that. He really was the love of my life. And I think I was the love of his life.”

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