For two years, Vikki Brown, 31, has been making perfect love with Lucas Martins, 39. Originally from Stoke-on-Trent, the couple met during the first confinement of spring 2020 in a Morrisons supermarket, in England. The Briton completely fell in love with the young woman in the checkout queue. Although she refused Lucas’ first dinner invitation, he eventually convinced her. They live separately but see each other regularly. But for Vikki, there is a big catch in this story.

His companion can have up to 100 erections a day!

Lucas’ incessant erections make life hard for him. In a testimony to the Daily Mirror, the Briton explains that “Lucas’s repeated erections leave him no respite”. She says he can get turned on in any situation, whether it’s at home watching a movie or shopping, which makes him on edge. The thirties can have up to 100 erections a day!

“We just have to sit watching a movie, walking down the street or having a coffee with friends for him to have an erection. Sometimes it’s embarrassing…”, confides the housewife. Lucas ended up consulting but his doctor says it’s not a medical problem. Hot bunny in spite of himself, he assures that this had never happened before meeting Vikki. The young man has now come to terms with the idea: “actually it’s just natural, I have a wonderful woman next to me – She’s a goddess, she just has to look at me and talk to me to that I feel desire”.

"Watching a movie, during the races...": his companion's incessant erections make life hard for him

“In front of a movie, during the races…”: the incessant erections of his companion make life difficult for him © Pixabay

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