Le Téléthon, Sportissimo, Tout le sport… During his career, Gérard Holtz hosted many successful shows. If the journalist had many fans, it was after a 44-year career that he said goodbye to television on July 24, 2016. If having a famous father would make more than one dream, his son, Julien, assured that his notoriety had sometimes been negative for their family. Friday June 24, 2022, for Télépro, he said: “We suffered a little. Our father did not belong to us. In the college years, the students sometimes do things that are not very nice. We are put aside. is a period that I experienced a little badly. From the age of 18, that changed.”

Being of the same opinion as his son, Gérard Holtz let go: “It was wasted moments. We were going on vacation, people were pulling me by the shoulder to take a picture, people came to see me constantly at the table or in the street. It was kindness, but when you’re with family, it spoiled a bit.” While he has long refused to sign autographs, the ex-TV star explained: “It was useless for me. People always asked me why I refused, it took me so long to explain that I decided to do some autographs afterwards. I thought it was going to go away.” Finally, he added: “When I was in Rome in the Villa Medici, it was almost hell. I am often told that I rocked people’s childhood. Lately, a lady saw me at the Monoprix, she turns around once, twice, three times and she’s like, ‘Don’t tell me it’s not you!'”

Gerard Holtz: “I regretted two things”

During this interview, the ex-journalist spoke of the regrets he had in relation to his career. “I regretted two things. The first is having said yes to Sportissimo, I wanted to make a magazine with sports reports and the production threw changes at me, I should have said no”, a- he first confided. Finally, he added: “The second is the 1 p.m. newspaper for the conditions, I was not well surrounded, I did not surround myself enough to protect myself. There were internal fights to get ideas across, I regretted having done the 1 p.m. in these conditions.”

Gérard Holtz and his son Julien © JLPPA


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