Was Princess Lady Diana kissing Queen Elizabeth II on the cheeks?

Did Lady Diana really pass the “Balmoral test”? Did the princess really dance on stage for Prince Charles’ birthday? Did she suffer from eating disorders? So many questions have been asked by fans of the crowned heads since the release of the new and fourth season of The Crown on Netflix which takes a close interest in the life of the British royal family … and especially that of the mother of William and Harry.

Another question has been added to the already long list: Did Lady Diana kiss Elizabeth II on the cheek? The answer is yes. As stated by Stéphane Bern, passionate about crowned heads and especially the royal family of England in an article unveiled in Paris Match, the ex-wife of Prince Charles “kissed him on both cheeks before slightly bending the knee as a sign of respect “. This may impress some, especially since in the series Elizabeth II, played by Olivia Colman, is portrayed as a cold and distant woman. What it is not according to the host. “She is hardly familiar with fiery hugs, but she is endlessly understanding with her stepdaughter Diana Spencer,” he says.

The royal family not a fan of The Crown

The Crown lifts the veil on the many mysteries and secrets that surround the royal family of England. But are the situations revealed in the series reliable? British Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden recently raised a rant, telling The Mail newspaper that he wanted Netflix to make it clear that the series was fictional and not a documentary so that viewers “don’t mix up reality and reality. fiction”. Then, as Stéphane Bern underlines in his text, the creator Peter Morgan admitted having invented the majority of the dialogues.

Elizabeth II and Lady Diana © ALPHA AGENCY

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