Was Pepe Munoz Celine Dion’s lover? The dancer comes out of the silence and finally answers the question

In May 2017, Pepe Munoz’s career took off following his meeting with Celine Dion. If the young man was part of the star’s dance troupe, he quickly became her personal artistic advisor and stylist. While the duo were inseparable, many fans wondered if their idol had found love again. Asked by the Journal de Montréal about their relationship, Pepe Munoz explained: “With Céline, you learn to say yes. Not to be afraid to inquire, how to do exactly a job. If someone sees something in us , not to be threatened by fear. ” Revealing that the interpreter of the title All by Myself had made him grow, he added: “At the beginning, with her, I had never done the job of stylist. Céline trusted me, she loved my world and I said yes.”

If Celine Dion loved the world of the dancer, was she in a relationship with him? The answer is no ! Amused, Pepe Munoz indeed confided to the newspaper: “Everyone finds it funny! It makes no sense.” While the tour of the widow of René Angélil has been postponed due to the health crisis, the dancer revealed that he is still close to the star. “I’m still part of Celine Dion’s creative team for the tour. The Covid has delayed everything, but I think and hope they will remind me when things are going to start again,” he explained. Not knowing if the singer will call him back to work alongside him, Pepe Munoz assured: “It will have been the four best years of my life, the most wonderful. I will always keep an extraordinary memory of Celine.”

“People really thought it was a love story”

In April 2019, it was during an interview with Extra that Celine Dion had already mentioned her link with the dancer. She explained then: “Pepe is gay, and at first I think some people didn’t know that. The thing is, he’s my best friend. We dance together and he did so much for me, just holding my hand. This is something I haven’t had in a long time, hugs from a six foot tall man! It was wonderful. People really thought it was a love affair. ” He has done so much for me, for my sanity, my spirituality, my strength. ” For Page Six, the singer added: “The press said: ‘Oh my god, René has just died and now there is another man.’ Yes there is another man, but not a man in my life. We are friends. We are best friends. Of course we hug, we hold hands and we go out, people only see That. But he’s a gentleman. He holds out his hand to me when we go out. ” Wishing to clear things up, Celine Dion added: “When I say I’m single, please leave me alone.”

Céline Dion and Pepe Munoz © Agency

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