Was Brad Pitt married to Jennifer Aniston?

Certain couples have entered the legend, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are undeniably among them. The two actors have formed a legendary couple in Hollywood, since the beginnings of their couple in May 1998. Sure of their feelings, they said yes on July 29, 2000 during a magnificent ceremony organized in Malibu. According to The Mirror, George Clooney’s BFF and the Friends series star got together at sunset and the ceremony cost around $ 1 million. A single shot had been unveiled by the lovers where the ex of Justin Théroux appeared all smiles, his veil in his hair and wearing a white silk satin dress, while the actor seemed to pass the ring on his finger.

In an interview for Rolling Stones, Jennifer Aniston had confided that Brad Pitt had burst into tears when she had advanced towards him in her princess outfit: “There is nothing more moving than to see a man cry during his own marriage “. The 200 guests, including Courteney Cox, Ed Norton, Salma Hayek and Cameron Diaz, had to sign a confidentiality agreement and the Los Angeles County Sheriff had ensured traffic control, so nothing would spoil this idyllic day. . Unfortunately, this magnificent marriage ended in divorce, five years later.

How Brad Pitt announced to Jennifer Aniston are planning to leave her?

Back in 2005: Brad turns in Mr & Mrs Smith where he plays a couple of very sensual secret agents alongside the sublime Angelina Jolie. Behind the scenes, the tension mounts and over the takes, the Brangelina couple are formed. Arnon Milchan, the producer of the film, confided the underside of this love at first sight in the book “The secret life of an agent who became a Hollywood mogul”: “Jennifer did not want to believe that Brad was flirting with Angelina on the set from Mr & Mrs. Smith. She questioned everyone but nobody said anything to her, out of loyalty to Brad. One day she clearly asked him, he denied “! In these pages, we discover that it was only a few weeks later, during a New Year’s Eve organized in the Caribbean with Courteney Cox and David Arquette that the actor would have confessed his feelings for Angelina Jolie to Jennifer Aniston. The latter would have kicked him out and the actor would have taken refuge with Angelina where he would have settled. The following ? Six children, a marriage, and a divorce: Brad Pitt would be free today as the air.


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