Photos that have gone around the world. A little over a week ago, Anastasiia Lenna, elected Miss Ukraine in 2015, published a snapshot where we can see her posing with a weapon, in front of an abandoned building. In legend, the young woman entered the hashtags “standwithukraine” and “handsoffukraine”. An image that challenges as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called on civilians to take up arms to face the Russian invasion. Internet users have indeed wondered if the former beauty queen had decided to join the Ukrainian army. Faced with the rumors, she decided to respond this Monday, February 28.

But several elements had already caused trouble. Indeed, first of all, the photo was posted on February 22, two days before the official start of the Russian invasion. Also, this isn’t the first time Anstasiia Lenna has posed with what appears to be weaponry. On February 11, she appeared dressed all in white in the middle of the snow, with a weapon similar to the one she was holding in the other photo. Same thing on several other photos published on his Instagram account in the previous months. On these photos, the ex-Miss adds recurring hashtags: “airsoft”, “airsoftgirl”, while mentioning a club practicing this discipline. Airsoft is a life-size game inspired by the military world, where the objective is to simulate combat with dummy weapons loaded with plastic balls.

Former Miss Ukraine sets the record straight

This Monday, February 28, Anastasiia Lenna published a video to put an end to the emerging rumors. “I’m not a soldier, just a woman, a human, like my people. I’ve also been an airsoft player for years,” she said first. “All the images I post on my page are for inspiring people…I don’t do any propaganda except to show that our Ukrainian women are strong, confident and powerful,” she added, also asking this let the world unite to end this war.

Anastasia Lenna © Instagram

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