Revelation of the Wall Street Journal, this Monday, March 28. Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich was reportedly poisoned during a meeting in kyiv held in recent weeks. Close to Vladimir Putin, the Russian-Israeli billionaire is trying to mediate between Ukraine and the Kremlin to end the war.

According to the Wall Street Journal (WSL) and the investigation site Bellingcat, Roman Abramovich, owner of the Chelsea football club, suffered from symptoms that suggest possible “poisoning”, develops the American daily, while he acted as emissaries during talks in kyiv. Two senior officials from the Ukrainian negotiating team would also have “developed symptoms”, continues the WSL.

Red eyes, watery eyes, peeling skin

The WSL reveals that the symptoms would have appeared following a meeting, on the night of March 3 to 4. “Red eyes, incessant and painful tearing, peeling skin on the face and hands,” reports the WSL. According to information from the investigation site Bellingcat, “the three men had only consumed chocolate and water in the hours before the onset of symptoms”.

“Experts reported that the dosage and type of poison used was probably insufficient to endanger lives, and was probably used to scare the victims,” ​​Bellingcat explains on his Twitter account, referring to “poisoning with a weapon unidentified chemical.

Ukrainian officials have played down these claims, nuance the Reuters news agency. Asked about a possible poisoning, the Ukrainian negotiator Mikhaïlo Podolyak judged that “there is a lot of speculation, various conspiracy theories”. Another member of Ukraine’s negotiating team, Roustem Oumerov urged to be wary of “unverified information”. He is a deputy from Crimea, annexed by the Russians in 2014. He is one of those cited by the Wall Street Journal as having presented symptoms of poisoning.

War in Ukraine: a Russian billionaire poisoned during negotiations in kyiv? © Wikimedia

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