It’s a relationship that continues to spill a lot of ink. For several years, Vladimir Putin and Alina Kabaeva have maintained a romantic relationship. The former gymnast also wears an alliance which suggests that they would both have married in the greatest secrecy. Only, the Russian president has never confirmed this relationship or this marriage. At the start of the conflict against Ukraine, the one who would be the mother of at least two children of Vladimir Putin would have fled the country to settle in Switzerland before finally finding refuge in Omsk in Siberia. This city is located more than 3,000 kilometers from the palaces she would usually share with the Russian leader located in the forests of Valdai in northern Russia, and in Gelendzhik on top of a cliff overlooking the Black Sea.‌

If the mother of the family would have taken such a decision when she seems to want to succeed the current president of the Russian Senate for the Council of the Federation, Valentina Matviyenko, aged 74, it would be for security reasons. Indeed, if Vladimir Putin has to step down for various reasons, neither she nor her children would be safe in Russia. “She also realizes that her sports career and the medals will not save her from a possible disgraceful fate,” said former dissident Russian MP Maria Maksakova, echoed by the Mirror.

Vladimir Putin’s loved ones would not be safe

“She must therefore think not only of herself, but also that her children do not suffer the fate of Ivan Antonovich”, she added when it is a young emperor who had was killed while ruling Russia as Ivan VI after being proclaimed Tsar in 1740. Vladimir Putin does not only have friends in Russia and all those close to him would therefore be targeted.

Vladimir Putin: why his mistress Alina Kabaeva left more than 3000 kilometers from him

Vladimir Putin: why his mistress Alina Kabaeva left more than 3000 kilometers from him © ITAR TASS

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