Hypotheses on Vladimir Putin’s declining state of health are officially revived. During a recent official ceremony broadcast live on television in the company of his ally, Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, Vladimir Putin once again showed himself to be very weak physically. To begin with, the President of Russia appeared with a completely puffy face, which caused a lot of talk. Then, the head of state of Kazakhstan did not seem in perfect harmony with Vladimir Putin: the latter refused to look him in the eye during the entire ceremony, a sign which proves his disapproval of the invasion of Ukraine.

And to make matters worse for Putin, in the middle of the broadcast of this evening which was taking place in Moscow, the autocrat was seized with a severe crisis of tremors, which did not escape the television cameras. Vladimir Putin’s feet turned out of control, which was logically analyzed as a sign of serious health problems. Aged 70, the Russian president would definitely be on the decline, which does not help the affairs of Ukraine and the rest of the world, as he could be out of control.

Vladimir Putin increasingly worries the rest of the world

But in addition to that, the least that can be said is that Vladimir Putin’s warlike impulses are in the process of isolating him even a little more at the diplomatic level. As proof: Kazakhstan, which was a powerful ally of Russia, is beginning to turn its back on it. By allowing tens of thousands of Russian men to leave their country so as not to be called up to be sent to the front, the Kazakh president has greatly annoyed his Russian counterpart. “We must not allow the fraternal peoples of Russia and Ukraine to go their separate ways for decades or hundreds of years with unresolved mutual grievances,” Mr Tokayev told Mr Putin. A big thorn in the side of Russia, stuck in a war that she thought she would win much faster than that.

Vladimir Putin trembling during a tense interview broadcast on television

Vladimir Putin © ITAR TASS

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