Vladimir Putin and Alina Kabaeva finally reunited? While the Russian leader continues to lead the war in Ukraine with an iron fist, he would have decided to join his supposed companion on the occasion of the thirty-ninth anniversary of the latter.

The Mirror indeed reveals in its edition of May 12 that Vladimir Putin would have taken the plane in the direction of Sochi, where his mistress would be entrenched. He would have gone there to visit, in particular, the Sirius elite education center. The head of the Kremlin would have been photographed there, before disappearing from the public sphere.

Alina Kabaeva reappeared in Moscow last April

Since being introduced as Vladimir Putin’s companion, Alina Kabaeva has become Russia’s most mysterious woman. Invisible since 2015, the media and specialists are trying somehow to find out where the former gymnast, crowned Olympic champion in 2004, is hiding.

Long announced as a refugee in a Siberian nuclear bunker or a shelter in Switzerland, she resurfaced on April 22, in Russia. The young woman indeed reappeared during a junior rhythmic gymnastics rehearsal in Moscow. She would have made the trip to the VTB Arena park, a huge sports complex located in the Russian capital, to participate in a charity gymnastics festival, which bears her name. Pictures had emerged, on which she appeared with a swollen face, the probable consequence of a cosmetic surgery operation. Finally, in other photos, Alina Kabaeva displayed an alliance, already seen several times in the past.

Vladimir Putin © ITAR TASS

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