Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine continues to wreak havoc. According to information from a senior Danish spy official, the decision of the head of the Kremlin to launch this murderous war would have a link with hormone treatment against cancer. The head of Russia analysis at the Danish defense intelligence service, going by the pseudonym of Joakim, has revealed that Vladimir Putin is plagued by megalomania, side effects of the cancer drugs he has been taking. Besides his “delusions of grandeur”, Vladimir Putin’s “moon-shaped face” would also be one of these side effects.

“Delusions of grandeur is one of the known side effects of the type of hormone treatment he was undergoing…”, confirms the Danish spy official, quoted by The Mirror in his article of December 31, 2022. “I can’t say for sure, but I think it affected his decisions when he started the war in Ukraine,” Joakim said. The analysis of this Danish spy official suggests that Putin suffered from cancer, and that at the time he started the war, he was taking this hormone treatment.

Vladimir Putin is not about to bow out

One could notice Putin’s moon-shaped face during his many appearances. Citing Russian independent media Proekt, the Mirror reports that Putin was accompanied by doctors specializing in the treatment of cancer, including thyroid specialists. According to Joakim, it is unlikely that Vladimir Putin will die of his illness. According to the Danish intelligence services, it is even “probable” that Putin will remain in power for another five years, reports the Mirror.

Vladimir Putin: these hallucinogenic anticancer drugs that would have pushed him to invade Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin © ITAR TASS

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