For many years, rumors about the health of Vladimir Putin have followed one another. If the Kremlin has always denied all the information on this subject, new revelations from the independent Russian media, Proekt, risk embarrassing it. In an investigation relayed by the Times, Friday April 1, 2022, the investigative media would assure that the Russian president would be suffering from thyroid cancer. To support this data, Proekt relied on the visit of a surgeon specializing in this type of cancer. According to their information, Yevgeny Selivanov has visited Vladimir Putin 35 times in the past four years at his Black Sea residence.

The Russian head of state would be followed by many doctors. To hope to overcome this cancer, it would be treated with steroids. A treatment that could explain his change in appearance in recent years. But these are not the only revelations made by Proekt’s investigation. The Russian president would also try to treat himself with a more alternative treatment. Thus, he would regularly take blood baths extracted from cut deer antlers in a clinic in Siberia.

Vladimir Putin bathed in blood extracted from deer antlers

Not really convinced of the effectiveness of these baths, Vladimir Putin would nevertheless continue to do so with the sole objective of winning his fight against the cancer from which he would be suffering. With the appearance of the Covid-19, he would have been very afraid for his health. He would therefore have taken all the necessary precautions not to contract the virus which continues to affect many countries of the world.

Vladimir Putin © ITAR TASS

Lara T.
Lara T.

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