This topic has been at the heart of conversations for several months now. Vladimir Putin’s state of health, which seems to be deteriorating, and which could explain in some way his declaration of war against Ukraine.

Some speak of Parkinson’s, some of thyroid cancer, while others say he has both. Paranoid disorders were also suspected in the Russian president.

Vladimir Putin’s Last Filmed Appearance Fuels Rumors All the More

The last filmed and very widely publicized appearance of the Russian president only fueled rumors about the deterioration of his state of health. In these images, Vladimir Putin is seated, in an unusual posture, opposite the Minister of Defense. If we observe his right hand, it clings firmly to his desk, while his head is tucked into his shoulders. The hands are a revealing element when talking about Parkinson’s disease since they have a habit of shaking. The fact that the president clings so firmly to his desk may portend an attempt to conceal tremors, and control to let nothing show.

However, Pierre Grosser, professor of history at Sciences-po interviewed by our colleagues from Parisian, remains very vigilant and thinks of a possible strategy on the part of the Russian president: “It could be a maneuver aimed at ‘Generate speculation, so that Westerners say to themselves, for example, that they must quickly deal with the Russian president. It is not excluded.’, he warned.

Rumors of a possible illness continue to swell all the same, and a large number of specialists see in this a certain explanation for the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. If his days were really numbered, Vladimir Putin could indeed have wished to strike hard by accomplishing a historic act, however tragic, before disappearing. It would fit the character.

Russian President Vladimir Putin © ITAR TASS

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