This new information is not likely to silence the rumors. Indeed, a video of the meeting between Vladimir Putin and Sergey Chemezov, CEO of the company Rostec, which supplies medical equipment, is controversial. We thus see the Russian President stammering, looking dazed and swollen in the face. According to several sources, the one who declared war on Ukraine vomited several times during this meeting. Vomiting, which some say is proof that Vladimir Putin is indeed undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer.

Already last week, an audio recording caused a scandal. We could hear an oligarch close to the Kremlin and a businessman talking about the state of health of Vladimir Putin, who would be “very sick”, suffering from “blood cancer”. If the Russian authorities refute these theses as a whole, the last public appearances of the Russian President on the contrary reinforce these rumours. Worse still, some argue that Ukraine’s declaration of war was due to cognitive impairment, linked to cancer.

Vladimir Putin reportedly undergoing steroid treatment

Rumors about Vladimir Putin’s state of health are therefore rife. Reports suggest the head of state is undergoing chemotherapy sessions, coupled with steroid treatment. Other documents refer to Parkinson’s disease. According to many testimonies, including that of a former British spy, Vladimir Putin would indeed suffer from an illness affecting his cognitive abilities, leaving him with many memory lapses and would not allow him to make rational decisions. But it will be very difficult to have the end of the story, since the Kremlin authorities insist that the Russian President is in perfect health.

Vladimir Putin © ITAR TASS

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