This is the first time Vladimir Putin has visited Iran since the outbreak of war between Russia and Ukraine. And one thing is certain, he will remember his meeting with Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Indeed, this Tuesday, July 19, the two counterparts met. But the Russian president was forced to wait more than 45 seconds, alone, before his Turkish counterpart deigned to come and shake his hand during an official photo session. Snubbed by Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Vladimir Putin, humiliated, had a hard time containing his anger. Indeed, on videos of the event, we can easily see the Russian president twiddling his thumbs.

During their bilateral meeting #Erdogan humiliated #Putin by making him wait almost a minute. He wanted revenge for the same humiliation made during a visit to Moscow It flies very high between potential allies…

— Patrick MartinGenier (@MartinGenier) July 19, 2022

Some then said that Vladimir Putin had been insulted by the behavior of the Turkish president, while others considered that this attitude showed a deep disinterest on the part of Turkey. In Ukraine, critics of the invader had a great time, like Anton Gerashchenko, senior adviser to the Foreign Ministry who said: “Erdogan made Putin wait at the meeting in Tehran The full spectrum of the humiliated and insulted Führer’s emotions is on his face.” A journalist from The National said: “These 50 seconds that Erdogan kept Putin waiting, looking exhausted in front of the cameras, speaks volumes about how much has changed after Ukraine.”

Relations are strained between Russia and Turkey

During their meeting, the two presidents tried to agree on talks between Turkey and Russia for Vladimir Putin to release the millions of tons of grain that are currently blocked in Ukrainian ports. But for the past few weeks, relations have been strained between Moscow and Ankara. Indeed, President Truce is no longer opposed to Sweden and Finland joining NATO. If in public, Vladimir Putin insists on the fact that their relations are in good shape, this filmed meeting does not go in his direction.

Vladimir Putin humiliated: filmed, the Russian president tries to contain his anger but his body speaks for him

Vladimir Putin, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Ebrahim Raïsi © Zuma Press

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