New twist in the case of rumors about the state of health of Vladimir Putin. A few days ago, the President of Russia traveled to the city of Kamchatka, in the far east of the country, to meet with teenage schoolchildren to deliver a speech on the theme of ecology. . And the least that can be said is that his listeners were to say the least disconcerted by the state of form of their head of state, launched for many months in a war against Ukraine.

It all started with a speech again focused on the glory of his nation. “You have to live for something you won’t be afraid to die for,” he began to announce the color. Since he ordered his troops to enter Ukraine in February, the media estimate that 75,000 Russian citizens have died or been maimed, although the figures have not been officially confirmed. Well aware of these warlike facts which are far from their daily life, these young ecologists were struck by the serious speech of their president.

The footage has been censored so the western world won’t notice.

And the least we can say is that they were not at the end of their surprise. Slumped in his chair, his face puffy with a crooked smile, Vladimir Putin never ceased to praise the greatness of his country. Before showing signs of extreme physical weakness. To prove his paranoia, Vladimir Putin had ordered students to confine themselves for 14 days before attending this speech.

But despite these precautions, the Russian president appeared very weak: his legs seemed to be spasming uncontrollably, his face was all red and he was forced to cling with all his might to his chair so as not to wobble. Obviously, the images have been censored from all platforms so as not to show the world that Vladimir Putin is in poor health.

Vladimir Putin: erratic attitude and strange speech in front of schoolchildren… Rumors about his health revived

Vladimir Putin © ITAR TASS

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