Since the start of the war in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin’s state of health has been the subject of numerous rumours. According to the weekly Newsweek this Friday, June 3, the Russian leader would have been operated on for pancreatic cancer “at an advanced stage”. Indeed, his treatments would have started two years ago according to three “concordant sources”. One of them is also clear: “Everyone feels that the end is near,” she says. In the meantime, experts around the world are analyzing every outing of Vladimir Putin to try to unravel the mystery.

Recently, the President of Russia met with the head of the Republic of Buryatia, Alexey Tsydenov. And during the video call between the two men, Vladimir Putin appeared with a tired look, red eyes and “deep furrows”, which could be new signs of illness, according to a body language expert relayed by the Mirror.

Vladimir Putin victim of anxiety?

“We can see a drooping chin, which indicates a drop in energy. The outline of his eyes appears reddened and there is a lack of energy in his eye expression,” expert Judi James told the British daily. The latter also ensures that the Russian leader may have seemed confused during his discussions with Alexey Tsydenov. “At first the notes are seemingly upside down. He corrects that but starts touching other sheets of paper and then puts them away in a methodical fashion which might suggest some level of inner anxiety.”

At the end of May, an FSB officer also confided that Vladimir Putin was suffering from eye problems. For him, the head of state would even begin to lose his sight. “We’re told he suffers from headaches and when he appears on TV he needs pieces of paper with everything written in big letters to read what he’s going to say. They’re so big that every page doesn’t can contain only a few sentences. His sight is seriously deteriorating. And his limbs are now shaking uncontrollably,” he said, assuring that the Russian president would have “only two or three years left to live”.

Vladimir Putin © ITAR TASS

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