Scheherazade. It is from the name of the storyteller of the book of the Thousand and One Nights that Vladimir Putin baptized his disproportionate yacht. A worker who participated in the construction of the floating palace describes to the Sun a debauchery of luxury: “Every surface is marble or gold. There are countless swimming pools, a spa, a sauna, a theater, ballrooms, a gym, two helipads. It’s like a mini town. Opinions differ on the bill. Some estimate that the construction of the Scheherazade would have cost the “modest” sum of 500 million pounds sterling, or the equivalent of 600 million euros. Others outbid. The bill would thus amount to 900 million euros. An indecent sum in a country where the average salary is 5,000 pounds per year, as the worker recalls.

The Sun does not content itself with describing the debauchery of luxury in which Putin wallows. The tabloid exposes it in full page with photos. We discover the unparalleled passion of the Russian president for gold. From the faucets to the roll holder, Putin made sure to relieve in a golden atmosphere. On board the Scheherazade, the head of state has planned everything for his pleasure. Nothing is too good for Vladimir. Not even a five-meter aquarium or a 4.5-meter television, the installation of which would have cost him no less than a million euros.

Vladimir Putin’s delusions of grandeur

When he’s not dreaming of secretly rebuilding the USSR, Vladimir Putin has a good time aboard his yacht. He can choose: play billiards, practice judo in a large room decorated with black belts, try a pas de deux on a dance floor that can be transformed into a swimming pool. But Scheherazade is not just for relaxation. Putin can also use it for his own defense. According to The Sun, the yacht would include a high-tech security system consisting of four radars to shoot down drones. This dangerous “floating palace” is currently anchored in Marina di Carrara, in Italian waters. The tabloid specifies that the local authorities would theoretically be entitled to seize Scheherazade…

Vladimir Putin © ITAR TASS / BESTIMAGE

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