If you were born between August 23 and September 22, your sign is Virgo. An Earth sign, the second in the zodiac. Your characteristics? You are conscientious, discreet and you have a sense of duty. You are very organized but you find it difficult to control this fear of doing wrong – your conscientious side takes over. To maintain your relationship, you put your heart into it. So which signs are you most compatible with in love?

Who is the ideal man for Virgo? With Cancer, Virgo coos. In his arms, she lets go, reassured by his tenderness. Your love, you want to live it hidden and your half thanks you for it. Ready to overcome pain, Virgo will be able to erase her past wounds. The two signs compensate each other, which provides balance.

Overcome your shyness with the Virgin

As for the other signs, we find Pisces. The latter prefers demonstration to words: he knows how to prove his love. Pisces spice it up and Virgo offers him this stability and gives him this affection he needs in time. And to conquer his beauty, Pisces will have to overcome his shyness… A great challenge.

The third compatible sign is Gemini, the sign with two faces and two personalities. Man is voluble and volatile. You are both annoyed and seduced. Together, you form an intellectual couple – your relationship is very cerebral. But beware of the specter of a relationship that is too routine: Gemini loves this little touch of madness that he finds in his partner – a touch of madness that Virgo sometimes struggles to have, too restrained. This security will be more in line with the signs of Taurus, Scorpio and Virgo.

Virgo woman: who is your ideal man?

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