Barely out of a trial that Johnny Depp will return to court. A few weeks after the verdict of the legal confrontation which opposed him to Amber Heard, the actor will again find himself in the dock. From July 25, he will indeed go to the Superior Court of Los Angeles County against a man, Gregg Brooks, who accuses him of violence. The actor is being sued for allegedly hitting the stage manager twice in the ribs with “maliciousness and force”. “Who are you? You have no right to tell me what to do”, he would have launched when the manager told him that the filming was going to stop for a few hours. The actor then allegedly punched him twice in the rib cage, before shouting, “I’ll give you $100,000 to punch me in the face right now.”

While this altercation would have provoked no reaction, Johnny Depp would have “continued to shout and berate [Brooks] in front of a lot of people until his own bodyguards took him away from the scene”. In his complaint, Gregg Brooks accuses Johnny Depp of having, under the influence of alcohol, had “intentional and malicious actions and words committed with the aim of humiliating the complainant”. Gregg Brooks also claimed that “Johnny Depp’s addictions and temperament created a hostile, abusive and dangerous work environment” on the set of this film. Gregg Brooks also claims that when he returned to the set three days later, the producer asked him to sign a statement indicating that he would not sue the production team. His refusal would have resulted in his immediate dismissal.

Johnny Depp: his reunion with his lawyer

For his part, Johnny Depp assures that his bloodshed was self-defense and that Gregg Brooks “provoked” the others. This new trial is due to begin on July 25, almost two months after the end of his confrontation with his ex-wife Amber Heard. The director is also suing director Brad Furman, Good Film Productions and the production company founded by Johnny Depp, Infinitum Nihil, for “emotional distress, battery and negligence”. “Johnny Depp is an accomplished professional, a great collaborator, the director defended him. He always treats the team and the people around him with the greatest respect. Films can be stressful, and non-events often become exaggerated.” As during his trial against Amber Heard, the actor will notably be defended by Camille Vasquez.

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