In 2011, Viola Davis achieved critical recognition in cinema for her performance in The Color of Feelings. Since then, the star has chained the roles and entered the history of cinema, as the first African-American actress to have won an Oscar, a Tony Award and an Emmy! In 2020, it is in the film The Blues of Ma Rainey, in which she gave the line to the late Chadwick Boseman, that Viola Davis impressed her fans. To interpret the famous blues singer, the actress had to change physically. Asked what she had felt in Ma Rainey’s costume in the columns of Madame Figaro, the star assured: “Powerful, confident, sexy.”

During this interview, Viola Davis explained in all transparency: “I am happy to counter the clichés about the ‘fat’ who, on the screens, are often portrayed as funny women, devoid of sexuality and sensuality. have never understood, because in the African-American community, our relationship to weight is different. The stoutness of the women I know has never prevented them from having a fulfilling love life, from dressing elegantly, from taking charge of their femininity. Beauty has a much wider spectrum than that assigned to it on screens. With this role, I feel like I have reclaimed part of the identity of black women. “

Viola Davis: “Playing it reinforced in me this need to assume my voice”

For the actress, having the opportunity to lend her features to a powerful woman could not be denied. “Some characters teach you a lesson, and Ma Rainey’s is fundamental: what she tells us is to embrace our power, whatever it is. She defied all logic, everything society wanted. to reduce it (…) To play it reinforced in me this need to assume my voice “, assured Viola Davis, before adding:” When you are a black woman, actress or not, you are ‘invisible’ by the society which denies all that you are, which recognizes neither your strength, nor your weaknesses, nor your femininity. Our supports are rare, and we often build ourselves alone in the face of adversity. It is undoubtedly from there that Our power stems: from what we search in our guts to fight. And that’s also what makes me proud to be a black woman. “

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