Victoria’s Secret: Winnie Harlow reveals her weight during the famous brand’s fashion show

Who says celebrities don’t gain weight while in lockdown? Winnie Harlow proved otherwise on her December 8 Instagram story in which she revealed that she had gained weight and what her goal was. It all started with a simple message. She posted an image that said, “I’ve never returned something I bought online, just take L and keep it.” Obviously very amused by what he said, the 26-year-old model wrote: “Bruh … tons of LLLLLLLLLL. Clothes that don’t fit. Thought I was the same size as last year … My butt said that it was confinement “. In the following story, she didn’t hesitate to comment on her weight and revealed that she was “53 kilos” when parading for Victoria’s Secret. She also indicated that she is currently “63 kilos” and that her ideal weight is “56 kilos”. The model then shared a video from November 18, 2018 with the comment “look how skinny I was.” Then, she posted a new video from May, on which she weighed only 58 kilos before posting a last one, much more recent which highlights her buttocks.

A model who assumes responsibility

If Winnie Harlow does not hesitate to confide publicly about her weight gain, the young woman also assumes her illness which she has made a force. Suffering from vitiligo, that is to say depigmentation of the skin, since the age of 4, the model has suffered from teasing during her youth. At a conference in 2015, she revealed that she “made the effort to focus on the opinion I had of myself.” Indeed, instead of hiding, she has decided to proudly assume her difference and does not hesitate to regularly share photos in swimsuits on her social networks. In a snapshot shared in 2017, she explained: “The real difference is not my skin. It’s the fact that I do not find beauty in the opinion of others. I am beautiful because I know “. A very strong message that she wanted to convey in order to help young women to love and take responsibility for themselves.

Winnie Harlow © Instagram Capture

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