Is Victoria Silvstedt remade? While the question of cosmetic surgery was asked in the program “The moment of luxury” only broadcast on Télé Star Play, the top model, actress and presenter was offended. “Cosmetic surgery? I didn’t do anything on the face!” she swung in front of the camera. With a little more emphasis, host Jordan de Luxe then asked her if she really had never done anything to his mouth. “No! Nothing, look at my face” retorted today’s guest. According to her, Victoria Silvstedt doesn’t care about comments made about her plastic. “Do you think I think about this in my life? No!” the 47-year-old added. If Victoria Silvstedt has therefore claimed to have never had cosmetic surgery for her face, she however confided in one of her complexes: her feet. “Because of the heels, I have hallux valgus (bunions on the foot, editor’s note) … It bothers me” she confessed.

Victoria Silvstedt former anorexic

Note that in an interview with Gala, Victoria Silvstedt had already confided in her passage on the pool table to remake part of her body. “” The job was tough. The bookers did not hesitate to say in front of me that I was too blonde, that I did not have enough breasts – so I quickly resorted to cosmetic surgery “she confessed. But it is not everything: faced with the pressure, she also quickly fell into anorexia. “I was fragile, easily influenced, I did not have confidence in myself, so I fell into anorexia” she added. from which she is now cured.

Victoria Silvstedt © SGP

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