Victoria of Sweden’s wedding went perfectly.
What the chief of police saw on his screen that day scares him.
If this plane had continued on its trajectory, it would have crashed into the motorcade.

The wedding of Princess Victoria of Sweden, 45, could have turned tragic on June 19, 2010. That day, Victoria of Sweden married Daniel Westling, now Prince Daniel, her former sports coach. The formalization of this union was impatiently awaited by the Swedes. They were hundreds of thousands in the streets of Stockholm, recalls Purepeople, in an article of September 28, 2022. Everything went perfectly well on the wedding day of Princess Victoria of Sweden. But according to Swedish police chief Michael Fetz and writer Niclas Andersson, things could have turned out differently.

Their book, which has just been released, tells of the threat of “a plane which was heading straight for the motorcade”. On the wedding day of Victoria of Sweden, currently 45, she was banned from flying in the airspace. Swedish police chief Michael Fetz was in charge of security on the wedding day of the mum of Princess Estelle, 10, and Prince Oscar, 6. He says he saw on his screen “a black and white image of a small plane”. “I thought at first that some policemen had put on an old plane film from the 1950s since everything was going so well,” he said, before continuing “That was my first thought. However, I I quickly realized it was for real.”

Victoria of Sweden’s marriage ‘could have ended in tragedy’

Everything ended well in the end because the plane in question changed direction. According to Swedish police chief Michael Fetz, it was just an ordinary person who did not know there was a wedding that day. “But this was about to end in tragedy, and it would have been a tragedy no matter what we did,” the police chief insisted. The wedding went so well that the royal couple was able to fly away for a magnificent honeymoon in Bora-Bora.

Victoria of Sweden: "it would have been a tragedy", chilling revelation on her wedding day

Princess Victoria of Sweden and her husband Daniel Westling © AFTONBLADET BILD

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