Victoria Beckham: what cosmetic surgeries did she do?

For years, Victoria Beckham has denied it outright. Cosmetic surgery? Never oh never. The mom of Brooklyn, Cruz, Romeo and Harper had even dropped this bomb, in an interview for This Morning in 2013: “I have never been tempted by an operation of cosmetic surgery, but never say never. It is what which makes someone feel good about themselves. I prefer to celebrate who I am and be the best of myself rather than changing too much “. Yeah … And the groundhog, she puts the chocolate in the foil, Posh? Fortunately, in 2017, she backtracked and admits in the columns of Vogue to have resorted to the scalpel: “Yes, I know, I should not have said what I said … I lied for years and it was stupid. It was a sign of insecurity. ”

As a reminder, when David and Victoria Beckham put down their suitcases in Los Angeles, in 2007, Posh strutted on the red carpet with a chest that had clearly doubled in size: her prostheses reaching her almost under her chin. Finally, tired of her XXL shells, the fashion queen who had gone from an A cup to an E cup, preferred to have them removed in 2009: “I no longer have my prostheses, it wasn’t me” , she confided years later. On the other hand, concerning her nose which has been refined, her ultra-smooth forehead and her fuller lips, not a word.

Why does Victoria Beckham never smile?

By dint of being photographed in the front rows of parades around the world with her pouting pout, Victoria Beckham ended up arousing the questions of many people who wondered why she never smiled? In a 2015 interview with Vogue, the former Spice Girls member explained that she “always laughs inside.” “People often ask me why I don’t smile … people think I’m unhappy! It’s fashion that wants that, it’s fashion that stole my smile.”


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