The Beckham couple are very worried… Sharon Bell, a 58-year-old woman, tried to kidnap Harper Seven, the youngest of the two stars, on November 18, 2021. Obsessed with the footballer, she harasses him and tries to contact him since 2016. She wrongly believes that she is in a relationship with David Beckham, who allegedly stole her eggs, with the help of his wife. A few months ago, the young woman showed up at Harper Seven’s school and reportedly said, “I’m Harper’s mom. I’m here to get her back.” District Judge Michael Snow ruled she posed a risk to David and Victoria Beckham’s four children because she was “obsessed with their family.” In a statement read out at Westminster Magistrates Court, the football star said: “I felt the language in the letters escalated and became more emotional and threatening to me and my family and that worried me. “

Upset, David Beckham confided: “She appeared without warning, making the threat more targeted and intimidating. I felt helpless and angry that nothing could be done.” While the footballer claims to have never met this woman, the ex-Spice Girls star said: “I tried to protect her and I’m worried about her safety. I’m very worried and anxious at the moment. idea of ​​Harper going to the park or being taken on a school trip.” Prosecutor Arizuna Asante added, “She is now afraid to come out. It has made it difficult for her. She is worried.” On July 5, 2021, this fan had sent a handwritten letter to the couple’s home. She wrote then: “I got your address from a detective agency, hope you don’t mind. I have feelings for you, David. Victoria owes me money, David, because she said she’s been stealing my bank account for years, which isn’t very nice. I wish she weren’t here.”

David Beckham, target of a deranged fan

On September 9, 2021, Sharon Bell sent another letter to David Beckham. “You said if I wrote to you first and I was unarmed (which I will be) I could come and have a chat and have some tea (Earl Gray is my favorite tea). I really want to chat with you, so please can I come in for a chat? I just want to talk to you. You owe me this, David,” she wrote. In a third letter sent a month before she attempted to kidnap Harper Seven, she shared, “I love you and have loved you since we were kids.”

Harper Seven and Victoria Beckham © Instagram


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