To dye one’s hair ? Never again ! At 43, Jessie Sullivan had a traumatic experience during her last attempt: blindness, anaphylactic shock, severe swelling and rashes, will have cut off all desire…

This “Cosmic Blue” color, Jessie Sullivan knew it well. She had been using it regularly for years without ever having had any problems. Every four months, it was the same ritual. The school cook carefully applied the Schwarzkopf color at home and then waited another four months before starting again.

Accustomed to this product, Jessie never again performed the recommended skin test before applying the color. This time, however, he would have saved her a lot of trouble…

Funny feelings

The 43-year-old Englishwoman didn’t pay attention to a detail before applying her color, the product she was going to use had expired in 2021 “It’s the color I normally use and I never had trouble with. That’s why I didn’t do a test, ”she told the Daily Mail newspaper. “The itching came first then the swelling and my tongue was funny,” she added. “I woke up the next day and couldn’t open my eyes.” Jessie manages to see her reflection “When I saw myself in the mirror, I was absolutely devastated”, her face, neck and scalp are covered in red marks and blisters.

A severe allergic reaction

“I went to the doctor to get antibiotics. He knew it was an allergic reaction but the next day I couldn’t even take my daughter to school or go to work,” Jessie continued. “I called the doctor back to say my tongue was really hurting. I went into anaphylactic shock and my throat was swelling. An ambulance comes to pick her up and she receives an injection of adrenaline. Taken to the hospital, she receives various treatments to stop the allergy. Returning home a few days later, Jessie, who has sold a second-hand high chair, opens the door to the unknown buyer “I was so used to my eyelids being swollen and painful that I completely forgot it by opening. The two children who were with her screamed. Mortified, Jessie excuses herself and offers them the chair.

Accept his image

For her grandson’s birthday, her appearance not having improved, Jessie wears a bandana to camouflage as many blisters as possible “It burned me but I couldn’t go to a children’s party like that”. Bad luck, it’s also her birthday and this year, Jessie can’t take advantage of it. Steroids, antibiotics and even a special shampoo have been prescribed for him but his face is still swollen which prevents him from going to work. “My daily life is doctors, doctors, doctors” she commented “I will never dye my hair again” concluding “I will age gracefully. I’ll never touch it again.”


Lara T.
Lara T.

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