Victim of a scooter accident, Rihanna has a swollen face

It is an accident that leaves traces. Saturday September 5, 2020, we learned that Rihanna had been the victim of an electric scooter accident. Only, at first, the singer’s fans were very scared when they discovered the pictures of her swollen face in various celebrity magazines. Quickly, the representatives of the American singer wanted to reassure everyone by declaring that she was fine. “Rihanna is doing very well but was knocked over from an electric scooter last week which left her face bruised. Fortunately, she did not have any major injuries and she is recovering quickly,” they announced in wanting to be reassuring.

A press release that puts an end to the various rumors that quickly emerged after the publication of very impressive photos. Some have even made a link between these photos and those of her serious assault by Chris Brown in 2009. According to information relayed by Pure People, Rihanna would still have hit her forehead during her accident. But today, it seems that she is doing well and that she is recovering very well from her accident. The young woman must have been very scared all the same. In the pictures, we can see that the interpreter of Diamonds had a bruise on the forehead, an injury to the brow bone and a black eye.

Rihanna’s Bruised Face Caused By Nasty e-Scooter Accident

– TMZ (@TMZ) September 5, 2020

Rihanna has been through a lot

Fortunately, therefore, there was more fear than harm. Throughout her life, Rihanna went through many hardships such as her very difficult with Chris Brown. “We worked on our friendship. Now we are very, very close friends. We had to rebuild the trust between us. (…) We love each other, and we always will. something that is doomed to change, “she said in a recent interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Rihanna © © Sebastien Courdji / KCS

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