His name no longer goes unnoticed. In 2008, Vicky Krieps began her acting career by chaining small roles in the cinema, before achieving international fame in 2017, when she played Alma Elson in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Phantom Thread alongside Daniel-Day Lewis. From then on, it is in the foreground that this 38-year-old Luxembourg actress, mother of two and who lives in Berlin, comes to the fore, in films like Serre-moi fort, which will earn her her first nomination for the César 2022, as well as in Bergman Island and, from Wednesday March 23, in Of our wounded brothers, by Hélier Cisterne, in which she gives the reply to Vincent Lacoste.

So many cleverly chosen roles for the one who refused the open arms of Hollywood after the success of Phantom Thread. “This Hollywood star, it did not suit me at all”, she confided in the columns of Parisian, Wednesday March 23. Very selective for her roles, Vicky Krieps confides in particular that she has a little trick to get into the skin of her characters. And as surprising as it may seem, it goes through the choice of a perfume, different according to the roles. For that of Hélène, whom she embodies in Of our wounded brothers, she reveals to have chosen “an old perfume of [her] grandmother”. A delicate little mania for the one who readily admits to having “a special relationship with her characters”.

The amazing family history of Vicky Krieps

If Vicky Krieps broke into the cinema, she could have turned to politics like other members of her family, like her great-grandfather, Adolphe Krieps, and her grandfather, Robert Krieps. The latter is also very famous in Luxembourg for having been Minister of National Education and Justice. It was he who abolished the death penalty there on May 17, 1979. He also helped found Family Planning in the same years. “I believe that the ghost of my grandfather contributes to all my films”, confides the one who was the last companion of Gaspard Ulliel, who keeps a precious heritage from the one she still considers as a model. “My grandfather was very important. He taught me never to give up and not to let myself go,” she says.


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