Many did not know it, but Vicky Krieps was in a relationship with Gaspard Ulliel when he was the victim of a skiing accident which cost him his life. A little over a month after her tragic death, the actress was present at the 47th Cesar ceremony, Friday February 25, 2022, Indeed, she was nominated in the Best actress category for her role in the film Serre-moi fort by Mathieu Amalric. For the occasion, the young woman, still in mourning, was resplendent and smiling. Only she knew that a strong tribute was going to be paid to Gaspard Ulliel, and really did not know what to expect. A few minutes before the start of the ceremony, she confided in the microphone of Pure People.

“When I go to things like that, I think of the film. Tonight, I’m there with the film and with Mathieu [Amalric, the director, editor’s note]. At lunch, it was the same thing, so for me this are really things apart“, she confided at first before doing, all the same, from her great apprehension. “I don’t know how it’s going to be. I’ve never experienced such a thing, I don’t think anyone knows.” The speech given by Xavier Dolan, to pay tribute to Gaspard Ulliel, was very touching. Many people, including the director, were in tears in the room. The cameras did not show how Vicky Krieps reacted. There is no doubt that this moment must once again have been difficult for her.

Vicky Krieps was collapsed at the funeral of Gaspard Ulliel

At the comedian’s funeral, she was completely devastated by the pain and the pain of having lost the man she was in love with. She will soon be appearing in the drama More than ever, directed by Emily Atef, in which she gives the reply to Gaspard Ulliel.


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