On the day of Gaspard Ulliel’s funeral, the spotlight was not on her. And yet. On January 27, the Saint-Eustache church houses the funeral of the actor, who died at the age of 37 in a skiing accident in Savoie. The mother of her son, Gaëlle Pietri, is present, as well as her parents Serge and Christine, in the front row. What the public did not know until after the death of Gaspard Ulliel was that he had separated from the mother of his little Orso, 6 years old. The one we thought we were living alongside Gaëlle Pietri was actually a heart to take. But according to Pure People, at the time of his disappearance, Gaspard Ulliel was not single.

Indeed, the media claims that the muse of Bleu de Chanel was in a relationship with a certain Vicky Krieps. The latter is an actress from Luxembourg to whom he gave the reply in the feature film More than ever, by Emily Atef. The story tells the life of Hélène, a 33-year-old girl from Bordeaux, who lives happily as a couple. But her life changes when she learns that she has a rare lung disease. Filming took place in particular in Bordeaux and Luxembourg, in 2021.

A discreet tribute to Gaspard Ulliel

Vicky Krieps appeared particularly moved at the funeral. the young woman was photographed, destroyed and supported by relatives, upon her arrival in Saint-Eustache (Paris I). On January 19, the day Gaspard Ulliel died, Vicky Krieps paid tribute to her on-screen partner via her Instagram account by sharing a photo of a candle lit at night. The next day, she then relayed a snapshot of pink skies with the caption: “Gaspard in the sky. You’re going home.”

On January 19, on vacation in La Rosière, in Savoie, Gaspard Ulliel was the victim of a terrible skiing accident. Found unconscious shortly after, he was taken care of by the emergency services and the station doctor before being transported by helicopter to the Grenoble University Hospital at the start of the evening. He succumbed to his injuries the following day.


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