It’s a spine-chilling plot. In April 2020, a father was found dead in his large house during confinement. The police find the man on his exercise bike inanimate after being shot in the head. They were notified by the victim’s son. They both lived in this house with the slain man’s new companion. After questioning the teenager, the police decide to place him in custody. The reason: they are not really convinced by the story told. When searching the young man, the police make a strange discovery: in the pocket of his pants, they come across a handwritten letter. “If you kill him, I had the house and everything”. The letter is signed by the hands of the young man.

Shortly after the events, the victim’s partner found another sheet of paper in her son-in-law’s room, with a message: “If you kill him, you have 2,000 euros and there will be no problems with the cops, you don’t worry, but I want him dead”. Another man is then arrested and admits having killed the father of the family at the request of his son. On several occasions, the teenager had tried to find sponsors to execute his father. He would have ended up convincing a man who had romantic feelings for him.

Victim’s son sentenced to 15 years in prison

“Several motives were alternately put forward by the indicted, violence on the part of the father or the lure of gain in the perspective of the inheritance”, can we read in the indictment order. During the trial, the victim’s son was sentenced to 15 years in prison. His accomplice, the one who pulled the trigger, has been on trial since January 16, 2023.

Var: this macabre plot of a teenager against his father

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